Maximum row count problem

In my analysis I've created a table with almost 2.5 billion rows. After the Cross join I want to convert the strings to numbers, use a math formula on each row and convert the data into a pivot table. I've run across a limitation of the amount of rows I can use for the String to number node and solved it by splitting the 2.5 billion rows into five different rows (it's now running). Is there an alternative way of solving this problem?

The error I've come across: Execute failed: Row count is greater than 2147483647. The current node cannot handle more than this number. Please ask the vendor to update the implementation.

It's the Integer limit, so you may indeed need to wait for the core distro to provide you with a LongInt row count option. Early December is the next release window, keep your fingers crossed!


Hey Ergonomist!

Thank you for your swift reply!

Looking forward to those updates :-)



Hi both,

Good catch! 

we changed the rowcounting from integer to long sometime ago. This node has some kind of sanity option in the end.

We will fix this for the next release, thank you for reporting it!

Best, Iris