MBA Analysis - Ouput of Association Rule is an Empty Table

I'm trying to replicate available MBA (Market Basket Analysis) workflow according to my requirement. However, after having input data table, output of Association Rule table is coming out as empty table. What could be the possible reason(s)? 

I have attached snapshot of data which I'm providing as input data to the node. Please help. Thank you!




The reason ist that the support or/and the confidence values are too high.

Only rules above the thresholds are shown. However if you set them to zero, all possible rules will be generated. So you need to find a reasonable threshold.

Thanks!  I started with 10% and tried 5% as well, however still no rules. I tried setting zero as well, in this case I'm getting the O/P table, but not sure whether to proceed or not. 

As you said, it will generate all possible rules - Is it good to proceed further? How to shape up end result? Whats the workaround in such cases?