Meaning of $, %, _

Hello friends,

Why does this delete last character if it is ‘0’?
regexReplace($Sales Order Item$, “0$”, “”)

If I need to delete first character what should I write here?
I mean is it as in SQL %, _ ?

Guru, please help to understand) Thank you!

The $ character is Regex for end-of-line. So the pattern matcher is looking for a sequence with a zero and end-of-line.

If you want to remove the first character of the line you can use ^..
This matches ^ as the start of the line, and . which is any character.

Your expression would become: regexReplace($Sales Order Item$, “^.”, “”)

The full list of Java Regex patterns is here (note that Regex has different flavours depending on the programming language):

You can practice Regex expressions using the following website to confirm what works:



Your function replaces the last 0 appearing in your string because regexReplace is replacing the 0 with an empty string “”.

Your function reads 'replace Sales Order Item’s last 0 with “” ’

If you need more examples of how to use regex in KNIME, refer to Various Examples of Regex in KNIME – KNIME Hub

and the link Pattern (Java Platform SE 7 ) provided by @DiaAzul



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