Measuring specific pixels in an image

Hi all,

is there an easy way to measure the pixel intensity at a given coordinate? For example, you have a table with columns X, Y, Z and another table containing an image column, now I'd like to get the pixel intensity of an image in that column at position (x, y, z) for each row in the coordinates table.

I feel like creating a data row some sparse 1s and a lot of 0s to then use the "Data Row to Image" node (see this discussion), create a labeling and measure the segment features would be a rather big detour to get this.

Before I start to develop my own ImageJ2 command with input @Parameters, I wanted to ask if something similar exists already?





Hi Jan,

you could fake it, which is a bit cumbersome but works fine (we should have a node "table to image sometime in the future".

Here is what you can do: Chunk Loop over the X,Y,Z positions. For each row add a image of size (1,1,1) using the Image Generator and a cross-joiner. Use the Set-Image Metadata node to set the offsets of the creates 1³px images to X,Y,Z. Collect all images and use the GroupBy to create a Labeling.

Does this make sense? If you need an example let me know!


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Hi Christian,

that's a nice one! I thought of creating single-pixel image, but was missing the Set-Image-Metadata part to set the offsets.


Thanks a lot!



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