Memory error with document parser

I am trying to use the “Flat File Document Parser” to read one 81KB text document. The document contains all the comments from a survey copied from an excel file. The first line contains the 2 words I want as a title followed by a period and a line return. When I run this node I get the following error: “Execute failed: org/knime/core/data/util/memory/MemoryAlertListener”

My java memory within eclipse/KNIME is currently set at 4GB and the computer I am using has 16GB of RAM. In the options for the node I have the Memory policy set to “Write tables to disc.”

All I have read about the Memory Alert Listener says you get a warning when you are low on memory, which should not be the case with the way my computer is configured.

What am I missing? Is there a problem with the document, how I set up the node, other place to change memory on my computer?



It looks like you installed a new version of the text processing extension into an old KNIME version that doesn't contain some of the required classes yet. Which version of KNIME and which version of the textprocessing extension are you using?

It looks like you may be right, I used text processing version 2.12.1 and KNIME version 2.11.3.

Hi Megan,

please try downloading KNIME 2.12.1 and install the newest text processing version there. To increase the memory KNIME is allowed to use please see:

Cheers, Kilian