Memory footprint grows until machine freezes

Love KNIME and what it can do to standardise/simplify ML, but I’ve a new set of problems that are driving me crazy. I’m running ML analysis of tables of data with ~400 columns/400 rows. Non-trivial certainly, but not huge. I’ve a simple workflow that currently just evaluates each column, one at a time, as a feature, so no combinatorics.

I’m using a respectable linux machine with 16GB RAM. KNIME starts the analysis taking 10% of the RAM (according to Htop) and just grows and grows 0.1% at a time until eventually KNIME has consumed 78% of RAM and the whole of the RAM is full between KNIME and OS. Then the swap memory starts filling up. Once that reaches 100%,the machine then freezes.

I’ve tried adjusting Xmx in knime.ini and it has no effect whatsoever and I’ve added the heavy garbage collector node to my loop also to no effect.

Can anyone offer any help? Getting a bit desperate here! I’m running knime v4.6.


Hi Steve,

Glad to hear you are a fan!

What is the xmx set to? Have you tried settings the nodes to use disk instead of memory? Did this also occur on the older versions of KNIME?


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