Merge 2 tables with different recordcounts

Hi all,

I have for example in Table A 1 record with order number 20.
In table B I have this record splitted in 5 records with number 20 and a other number, for example number 30. Al these 5 records have number 30


Tabel A

Tabel B
Ordernr, othernr, other valueas
20 30 x
20 30 y
20 30 z
20 30 x
20 30 y

I want to join the number 30 in Table A, so I see this:

Ordernumber other number
20 30

I want to see this in 1 record, but i see it 5 times.

Can someone help?

Thank you!


Hi Jacco,

a Join will always merge all of the matches. Because it does not know how to select to which you want to join this. I would propose to use a groupby node after table b. And aggregate based on the ordernumber. Than you can select which of the other values you want to keep.
Cheers, Iris