Merge columns feature request


I was wondering if there could be an option to remove the column that's being merged/replaced into? Obviously this shouldn't be the default, but it would save one from stringing together a bunch of merge nodes and then also a filter node.

I also often perform multiple merges back-to-back, any chance there could be a multi-merge node where one could pick multiple pairs of columns to be merged?



Does the output replacement option not achieve what you want by filtering out the original columns?


Also, you can using column aggregator node for merging of multiple columns.



Hi Simon,

Yes, the column aggregator node does allow for removal of the original columns (so far I was usually using the "merge columns" node), which is nice. Usually I have multiple indepenedent pairs that I need to each merge back into a single column though, so that still requires multiple uses of the aggregator node.



Ah okay, I see what you mean now.

Could be tricky to implement from the GUI though I suspect.