Merge Rows and select columns based on compared values

There are 2 examples to illustrate what I want to do.
a. I want to create a new row whenever Col1 AND Col2 are equal
b. In the new row, the value of col 3 should be that of the minimum of col 4.

In other words, in the first picture above, the new row that substitutes the 4 rows will be:
P31946 \t Q93SQ1 \t 6g98 \t 2.34

Similarly, the merge of the two rows below should be:
P31947 \t O14558 \t 5ok9 \t 2.35

Thanks for any help you may provide - much appreciated.

Hi @athri
Take a look at the Duplicate Row Filter.
Gr. Hans


OMG…just amazing!
Thanks very much - I appreciate it.


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