Merge the output (predicted data) from (6) different PMML Predictors in one node (visualization)

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I have outputs (predicted data) from 6 different PMML Predictors. My goal is to visualize the output (predicted data) from all 6 PPM Predictors together in 1 node. If possible as a text.

May anyone knows how I can do so?

Thank you for your feedback.

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@LukasB question is what you mean by

Do you want the statistics (AUC, RMSE?) as text or some sort of graphic?

The (new) Binary Classification Inspector – KNIME Community Hub might be an option:

Thank you for your feedback. May I provide you with some more insights.
I trained 6 models, deployed them, and tested them with new data. Now, I have 6 results (e.g. calculate average grade or check in anabin) for all ca. 100 entries (test data set). My goal is to combine all 6 predictions for all 100 entries in 1 single text file. Then it is possible to see all 6 results per person on 1 single line instead of 6 different lines.

Maybe another visualization. At the end, all 6 results are combined. Here an example only with 2 results instead of 6.

Just for the message @mlauber71 thank you

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