Merging of three columns to remove blanks

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In my data table there are variables like Current_Year_Name, Past_Year_Name,Target_Name. These columns have same values except for blanks. That is, Column 1 will have most values of column 2 and some blanks and some values which are not in Column 1.Same is the case with Column 3.I need create a column (Name) where the non blank values will be displayed.Please see the below table as an example and my question is how I can create column ‘Name’. Thanks in advance

S.No. Current_Year_Name Past_Year_Name Target_Name Name
1 John John John
2. Kevin Kevin Kevin
3. Mark Mark
4. Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph

Ive had a similar problem. The first thing I did was replaced blank columns with actual null values. Use the STRING MANIPULATION node. Strip away all spaces and then convert to null if its blank. Example:


Then you can use the COLUMN MERGER node to compare column1 and column2 and select the non-null. Then use the node again to merge that result with column 3 and so on until you merged them all together.

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You can also use the Column Aggregator with the Set option.

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