Merging tables containing same column names (excel)

Hi All,

I’m new to KNIME, and facing problems in joining 2 excel tables (1 with missing values and another with inputs to the missing values).

An illustration of the problem is shown below:

And the resulting table would be ideally:

Thanks in advance for the kind help!


If all your columns will be empty when there are missing values, then read the first, use a row filter to remove rows with missing values, read the second and then concatenate - you may need to finish with a sorter.

Alternatively, read both tables, and use a Joiner, joining on your ‘Measures’ column, and then use a set of Column Merger nodes to merge each pair (e.g. July, July (#1) etc), replacing both columns



Hi Steve,

The actual sheets are much messier than the example, but I think the second approach with joiner and column merger will work! Thanks for the kind advice.

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Could you try to concat the tables and then use the group by node to get the maximum or the sum or another value based on the IDs?