Merging tables into one with versioned rowids

I need to pull content together into one exported spreadsheet. I can easily get something like this... 

Example 1 

Rowid, Title, Description, Comment 

1, title1, desc1, comment1 

2,title2, desc2, comment2 

3,title3, desc3, comment3 

The problem happens when I get multiple comments for the same title. So, it needs to look something like this... 

Exmaple 2 

Rowid, Title, Description, Comment 

1_1, title1, desc1, comment1_1 

1_2, title1, desc1, comment1_2

2_1,title2, desc2, comment2_1

2_2,title2, desc2, comment2_2


I've used the joiner node to get to Example 1, but to do Example 2, I'm having trouble to join because the ids go from rowid0, rowid1, rowid2, etc, to rowid0_0, rowid0_1, rowid1_0, rowid1_1, etc. So, the comments won't effectively join with the other items that only have single rows. Is there a node or a configuration that can help?

Can you join by title column instead of rowid?



Alternatively you can reset your rowids with the rowid node.

does this help



Thanks, Simon. I have tried those nodes, but with using the Title as a join, I was still unable to see title. Also, I wasn’t able to see everything unless I did a full outer join.

I’m not sure if the rowid node would work because I have several sets of data that connects on rowid, and then a comments set that has four comments per rowid, so it starts with 0_0, 0_1, 0_2, 0_3, 1_0, 1_1, 1_2, 1_3, etc. I need to be able to join the four comments with each title, along with everything else. Does that make sense?


Okay, I understand now.

Use RowID node to take the RowID contents into a column.

Then use cell splitter using "_" as delimiter. You will now have several new columns, the first of which contains the original RowID contents.

You should then be able to use the Joiner node again, joining by this column which contains the original RowID values, and the RowID of the second table.


Thanks, Simon. I’ll try that!