Merging two Columns of Data

Is there a node or how do I merge two columns?

Background - I have a column that contains missing cells.  I'd like to replace those missing cell values with the contents of another column.

Can it be done?


not sure if this answers your question, but you could use the following procedure:

If you have two columns named "COL1" and "COL2" in your table and COL1 has missing values for certain rows, you could use the Java snippet node with

return $COL1$.replaceAll("empty",$COL2$);

to replace all empty cells values in COL1 with those in COL2. The above line of code requires the empty cells to contain the string "empty" when empty. If they are just non-existent (showing as ? in the table view), you can use the Missing Values node in advance to put a user-defined string into the empty cells of COL1.