meta loop problem


I have a problem with meta nodes where nodes are being executed whilst previous nodes are not completed!!!!

Here is what I have:

1. Meta node (TableRow to variable loopstart --- Loop End)

     .... (same nodes doing something)

     1.1 Meta node (no loop)

         1.1.1 Meta node (Variable Loop(Data) ---- Loop End)

      1.2 Meta node (no loop)

      ... other meta loops (with other meta nodes and loops inside those), TableWriter...

Loop End

Here is what happens:

I execute meta loop 1. Then 1.1 is executed; 1.1.1 is executed; after first iteration 1.1 shows a green dot but is still executing. 1.2 is being executed while 1.1 is still executing.


Please let me know if I should send you the workflow and where to?


one more thing:

when I move everything out of the first meta loop then it works fine...


Just a guess, but sometimes the GUI is not updated fast enough if loop iterations are very short. Does the workflow yield wrong results?

this quite difficult to assess, but there are minutes if not hours between the loop finishing and me being able to see the results...

Do you still want me to confirm that the results are incorrect? If so could you explain how I can see results if intermediate ones are not available?

OK, it seems it's not a GUI update problem. Another thing that I noticed after re-reading your first post: the output port of a meta node gets green as soon as the inner node connected to it has finished. I.e. there may be other nodes inside the meta node that are still running that are not connected to this outport. The meta node is then still shown as executing, however the data for the green outport is fully available.

I just verified the following:

within the first metanode I am writing out files at the end. There is only the first file written out.

It seems that the status change is not correctly passed through the END node of a loop. Is this possible?