Metanode and Quick Form nodes


Is it possible to add a feature as an optional tick box to quick form nodes that are embedded in a metanode such that when the workflow pipeline reaches the metanode, the Metanode Quickform GUI pops up where the user can fill in the quickform entries.

This is useful in sharing workflows with novice users of KNIME, such that they can just run the workflow and complete any resultant pop up boxes to fulful the workflow requirements.


By the same token, options to have autolaunches on the viewers would be helpful such as the interactive table viewer, graphing displays etc.




Have you seen the quickform executioin mode of workflows?  It is similar to what you get from the webportal, only for local execution.  It is a bit limited, but I expect this will improve quite a bit once we start re-releasing new versions of our Quickform nodes in 2.10.


No I havent this sounds interesting.

Where are the options for this ?


If you right click on a workflow in the explorer, you can find an option called "quickform execution". 

Thanks for pointing me to this, I hadnt seen this feature.

This is an interesting feature. However, it is disconcerting that KNIME feels like its frozen or crashed when you use this as a workflow runs in the background, there is no progress bar or anything to indicate to the user that something is taking place.

Also this form of feature always requires a complete re execution of the whole workflow which may well be unnecessary and could be time consuming. How would you just rerun a part of the workflow and get the metanode quick form nodes to pop up for user entry ?


Finally, I would still like to see optional tick boxes for the viewer nodes to autolaunch their windows when executed like the graph nodes and table viewer nodes. This would be really useful.