MetaNode & toReport?

Hi all,

It seems that if you use the “to Report” node inside a metanode the dataset cannot be seen by the report designer. I cant see any preference settings to control this - is this correct?

thanks in advance,


That is expected behavior. Only top-level “to Report” nodes are exposed to the Designer (reason being that otherwise the user could get lost quickly in finding the associated datasets/nodes).


Hi Bernd,

I can see why you might want to do that, but if you have a lot of metanodes it can be hard to get a deeply buried pie chart dataset up to the top-level. A “find dataset node” option might be a way around this, but I dont know if this is easy to do via the framework…


Yepp, we had some internal discussions as well. We see the use-case and will revisit that limitation. It’s not put into stone. For now, however, you need to live with it…


Oh please allow us to do this. Because I can't iterate across columns, I've got a meta node containing 12 seperate streams that would need 12 outputs in order to send everything I need to the top level. Now I'me going to have to move all the nodes themselves.