Microsoft Access Connector issue

Hello all. I am having a lot of difficulty getting the Access Connector node to work. We quite oftne have database files on our network which we export to Excel in order to read with Knime, but that can be a bit of a pain, so I would like to see if I can connect Knime directly to it. However, when I select the file and run the node, it seemingly runs forever without ever timing out or succeeding! I left it 15mins earlier and came back to find it still running. The file in question is just over 200 mb, so nothing extraordinary.

Our team commonly maps the file location to the P:\ drive on our machines, so I have tried it with the P:\ path and the original network path.

I also took a copy of the file and put it on my C: drive, but still got the same error. Therefore, I am not sure it is the network or the file, but maybe something in the settings? The issue that, because it does not fail, I don’t have anything in the console to tell me why it may not be working, either. I am using “Microsoft Access” database dialect and “msaccess” driver name in the node (the only options I have).

Can anyone advise or suggest paths of investigation? Thank you!

Hi @JWebb ,

Can you share the error message?

There is no error message because the step never completes. You know the blue square which wanders from left to right as the node executes? I just get that forever!

Ok… I asked because you mentioned an error as I quoted it.

Is the file correct and not corrupted? Usually if it takes long to read, you should see some progression, but as you describe it, it looks like you don’t even see any progression.

How long does it take to open the file from MS Access?

14s according to my phone’s stopwatch! Nothing appears to be awry with the file. Unless…

…I have to “enable content” when it starts. Could it be due to linking to other tables within the file?

I think there is a good chance this might be the problem. Can you check with an Access DB that does not have links to external databases?


I would tend to agree too

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I created a new access database with no connections and it works first time! I think that is the problem. Is there no way around the connection issue?

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