Microsoft Authentication - Client/Application secret authentication


I am able to use the Microsoft Authentication via the Client/Application secret authentication with no issue if I manually input all the necessary info (tenant ID, app ID, secret) in the configuration window.

Is it possible to pass these details to the node via flow variables? I tried to include them in the “CLIENT_SECRET” part of the flow variable window, but it failed every time. Not sure if in addition to these 3 variables, I need to input more.


You can right-click the node and select “Configure flow variables”. There you get a list of all variables you can set. Does that help?
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Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn,

Thanks for the tip. I just discovered the solution: you need a “variable to credentials” node where to set up the credentials (Client ID as username, Secret as pwd) and pass the credentials to the node. In the node you select “use credentials” and set up the flow variable only for the Tenant ID.


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