Microsoft Authentication node issue

Hi everyone, I asked in a previous post an issue related the to Microsoft Authentication, the matter is that due to the recent cyber attacks that have been occurring in my country, our company enabled MFA (Multifactor Authentication), hence I am not able to log into the Microsoft Acccount (Office 365 E3 license).

The question is if is there another way to authenticate to the connector without needing to disable MFA?

Thank you

Hello @salazachou, sorry for the late reply.
The interactive authentication method from the Microsoft Authentication node should also work for MFA. Upon clicking Login, it should prompt a browser page where you can enter both the password and the code for the second authentication. Is this working for you? Where are you experiencing issues?

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Hi Emilio, thank you for your help, according to the process that you are describing, the browser window must show a login box, but shows: “This site cannot be reached”. I beg if could you please give me a piece of advice in how the IT department should setup the MFA (or other stuff) to obtain access?

Finally, I just want to confirm with you that the “interactive authentication method from the Microsoft Authentication” should work with Multi Factor Authentication.


From your screenshot, it seems that your browser is not redirected to the localhost page and therefore doesn’t pass the access code to KNIME. Could your Windows Defender/Antivirus/Firewall be blocking you from opening the localhost socket?
Was it working for you before and could you try it on a different machine?

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