Microsoft Authentication Token Storage File - Token Decryption

Can anyone help me decrypt the encrypted token stored in the file by the Microsoft Authentication Node. When Knime stores the access token to a file, it encrypts it. Not much of a coder here, so not sure what to do

Trying to use the delegated access token received for working with SharePoint Lists. Currently, the SharePoint Online Node does not have capability to work with SharePoint Lists.

Screenshot attached showing the concept of what i’m trying to do as a workaround until Knime’s development team can enable SharePoint List capabilities in future Knime AP releases

Hi @wtfstoops69 -

You might try the AF Utility Nodes extension, developed by @AnotherFraudUser, for your case. I think there are some nodes there that may help.


Hi @wtfstoops69,

my extension uses the SharePoint Rest v1 API.
So to use it you will have to create an client token in your sharepoint. (I think you need to have at least admin access to the sharepoint site to do that)

Here is a small tutorial how to create/connect using the rest api in general

Basically my extension just sends the correct post/get request needed - you can just send the requests with the basic post/get/http retriever node instead if you are familiar with http requests.

If there are any question regarding my nodes or how to connect to the sharepoint rest api in general - then feel free to ask :+1:

In this thread there is also a bit of information regarding the sharepoint list:


@AnotherFraudUser @ScottF

  • The link mentioned above assumes you have Permission Type: “Application” for your app registered into SharePoint (or if you are using Azure AD App Registration)

  • It does not work for delegated permissions - which requires a user to sign in to get the apporpriate token based on the permissions granted to the user

  • Due to security concerns, We can only use “Delegated” Permission Type which mimics the permissions granted to a user, instead of granting permissions to an application itself

  • That is why i thought of using the token received from interactive login Knime’s Microsoft Authentication Node. That token received can then be passed onto downstream nodes to formulate the HTTP requests to interact with SharePoint Lists.

  • Knime encrypts the token when storing it to a file

  • Just need to figure out how to decrypt the token, which can then be passed into the HTTP requests in the downstream nodes.

Any thoughts

Hi @wtfstoops69,

okay thanks for the clarificarion (but nothing I can help with)

Good luck! :+1:

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