Microsoft Authentication

Hi everyone I am trying to log into the Microsoft Account using the “Microsoft Authentication Node”, but this time I was no able to log in.

Using the interactive authentication, I got this message

Then I try the Username/passoword authentication, I got this message

“Due to a confguration change made by your administrator, or because you moved to a new location, you must use multi-factor authentication to access”

Days ago I was able to log in without any problem; so I guess is due to a modification done by out IT department unless the is a room for other possibility.

Thank you

Hi @salazachou,
Yes, I would inquire with your IT department first. KNIME opens your interactive authentication web page in the browser and expects it to redirect the browser back to a page hosted by the KNIME AP on your local machine. With this redirect the Microsoft authentication web page is supposed to send a code to KNIME that it can use to access the Microsoft services. In your case, Microsoft does not send the proper code that KNIME needs.
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Thank you @AlexanderFillbrunn I will check with IT.

Best regards

Hi, just an update the IT department found that such connector had the double authentication enabled which was later removed.

So now I can connect.



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