Microsoft Authenticator no "Client/Application Secret Authentication"option

The documentation for the MS connector says there is an option called “Client/Application Secret Authentication” but it doesn’t appear in the options menu. Any ideas? I’m using Knime 4.6.1 and just reinstalled the package containing this node.


Hi @afaik
thank you for your question!
Could you please check if the requirements to use this mode are fulfilled? You can find them in the Node details“Options” tab → “Client/ Application secret authentication”:

Before using this mode, (1) an Azure AD application has to be registered, (2) an application secret has to be created, and (3) an admin has to grant application permissions (not delegated) to the application service principal in the Azure AD tenant to access. In this mode, Azure/Office 365 cloud services are accessed with the application identity and not on behalf of a user. See here for more information.

Please, let me know if requirements are fulfilled and the option is still unavailable.


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