Migrate DB Nodes Error from 3.7 to 4.0


I am trying to use the migration tools to transform my workflow from 3.7 to 4.1.1, and have got this migration error on one of my workflow.

ERROR MigrationNode The new settings of the node could not be loaded: MigrationNode(id=83, status=REPLACED, original=7:397 - Database Row Filter (legacy) (store), new=7:1648 - DB Row Filter (store))
ERROR WorkflowMigrationExecutionPage org.knime.core.node.InvalidSettingsException: Configuration has invalid condition(s).
ERROR WorkflowMigrationExecutionPage Migration node connection status cannot be changed from TO_BE_RESTORED to TO_BE_RESTORED.

I found two solutions on another post(Migrate DB Nodes from 3.7 to 4.0). The solutions are either open all metanodes (no metanode on my workflow), or update the version to 4.0.1 (i have a later version than what mentioned on that post).

Is there any other way I can fix this error?


Hi @karen2180
My guess is your original workflow did not contain separate DB connector nodes, but you defined the connection details as part of e.g. the Database Reader node.

What the automatic migration does in case of a Database Reader (legacy) node it replaces it by the new DB Reader node. What it does not do, is to add a DB Connector in front of it which contains the connection details. That gives errors.
Something like this is mentioned in the log it creates while performing the migration, but you easily look over it as it’s given as a warning (happened to me as well).

So what you have to do yourself after this migration is to add those DB connector node(s) and connect them to the DB Reader/Writer/Query Reader/… nodes where this little squared blackbox on the input side is not connected yet.

If you have e.g. 4 of those nodes which all have to use the same connection details, you only have to add this DB Connection node only once. Just link it to all nodes, where they can share the connection.


Hi @JanDuo,

Thanks for the reply. The error message stops me to proceed to finish the migration process.

If I click “Next”, it just adds another same error message in the log but didn’t continue to proceed.


Hi @karen2180
Have you looked at the knime.log file itself? You can see this if you go the View (in the menu-bar at the top) and select option “Open KNIME log”.
At the bottom are the most recent logged lines. Is there anything more shown which helps in what is going on here?

If possible share the knime.log file with the forum (or at least that part which is populated during the migration of the workflow). If you use a texteditor you can delete or anonimise parts which you don’t want to share with the whole world.

You can find the knime.log when you go to the directory where your workspace is located. Under this is a subdirectory .metadata and then knime as you can see here:
In this subdirectory knime is the file knime.log located.

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