Migrate DB Nodes from 3.7 to 4.0

Hi, when I try to migrate a workflow which has many DB Reader (legacy) and DB Table Selector (legacy) nodes using the migrate function in KNIME 4.0 I am getting the error message below for each of the instances.

“ERROR WorkflowMigrationExecutionPage Migration node connection status cannot be changed from TO_BE_RESTORED to TO_BE_RESTORED.”

Has anyone came across this issue or has a fix for it?


Hi brendanPdoherty,
this is a know bug in the migration tool which has problems with migrating certain metanodes or components. This will be fixed with the next bug fix release. Until then as a workaround you need to expand all metanodes in the workflow you want to migrate.
Sorry about that

Thanks for the update and work around Tobias.


we have just released the 4.0.1 bug fix release which also fixes the above mentioned problem (AP-12225). For more details about the fixed problems see the changelog.

Many thanks, I will update to the latest version for this.

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