Minor UI glitch in Splitter node

Dear KNIMErs,

Just for the record, there's a minor UI glitch in the Splitter node - not quite sure how to best resolve it, but I thought I'D report it anyhow. :-)

As you can see in the screenshot linked here, the Outports are labelled "Top" and "Bottom", which should make this unambiguous, right? However, below there's also a refecerence to "inclusion" and "exclusion", consistent with the usual UI order and the suggestive colouring (green = in, red = out). The problem, however, is that similar nodes (specifically the Row Splitter node) handle it differently - the top port being mapped to the (right-hand) inclusion, and the bottom to (left-hand) exclusion.

I guess the least damaging fix for this inconsistency would be to rename the "enforce inclusion/exclusion" to "enforce top/bottom" (also in the node doc, of course). That's slightly different from other node dialogs, but internally consistent in a UI sense, and externally in a "typical location of the outports" sense.