Missing "Call Local Workflow" after update to 3.6


I have strange problem with “Call Local Workflow” node. I have updated Knime 3.5.3 to 3.6.1 and node is no longer available. I have checked example workflow “01_Call_Local_Workflow” - the same, node is missing and Knime can’t find any extension which contains that node.

I have checked it on Windows Server 2016 and CentoOS - same results.

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Check under Preferences --> Install/Update --> Available Software Sites you have check on Knime Analytics Platform. Check there a bit.

Also maybe (as a workaround) you can try installing NodePit and then through it add Call Local Workflow.


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In case the suggestions of @ipazin are not resulting in any success, can you send us your knime.log file? This might help us debugging the problem. Also, can you restart KNIME Analytics Platform Restart once with “-clean” as argument on the command line and check if the nodes shows up?

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@ipazin Thank you for NodePit - really nice tool. This is not solution, but is very helpful. Thanks!

I have checked “-clean” argument in my CentOS environment. It works, so thank you!
It looks like the main problem is my OS and privileges. My college has similar problem, but with other node (“H2O Local Context”). Everything works fine if Knime is running with root privileges.
I will check the same on Windows machine tomorrow.

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Any update on that?

Yes, I have checked few things. It is problem with privileges on Linux machine and shared installation. Right now I can’t check it on Windows machine, but some solution for Linux is installation per-user. Our devops is trying to prepare that solution:

We will see. We should buy server edition of Knime probably, instead of work-around solutions.:wink: