Missing data throughout workflow

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Throughout my experimentation with KNIME I’ve realised that some parts of my data seem to go missing in between processes. Is there any explanation to this?
If there’s any relevance to this, is it possible for the pivoting node or math formula node to affect the data?

Which database do you used?

I uploaded a table from excel

Could you please provide information? For example, a complete workflow, where we can reproduce that data goes missing.

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Unfortunately, because the data I’m handling is sensitive, i am unable to provide a complete workflow to showcase

Hi @Ammar_Muhammad , without the workflow and the data, it will be hard to answer.

It depends on what you mean by “affect”. If you are doing a pivot, the data can change, depending on what you are doing. Similarly with the Math Formula.

Can you at least show us your workflow (print screen), and tell us where the data is changing? And also show us what you are doing in the node(s) where the data is changing? For example, what are you doing in the Math Formula node if it’s changing your data? FYI, if you do an illegal operation in the Math Formula, for example a division by 0, it will return an empty/missing value.

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