Missing flow var configuration possibility in Feature Selection Loop Start

Hi guys,
I would like to configure the Feature Selection Loop Start node using flow variables. Nevertheless it seems that the option “Use threshold for number of features” (boolean) cannot be controlled by flow variables as it is not present in the Flow Variables tab of the node configuration windows.
Is there any reason for that?

Hi @gcincilla -

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure offhand why this might be, but I’m checking on it.

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Hi there!

But still you can parameterize nrFeatureTreshold option so if you would like to use Threshold just assign integer flow variable to it. If you would not like to use it, flow variable should have value that is equal or higher than the number of columns in your data set :wink:




If nrFeatureTreshold >= 0, Use threshold for number of features is true. If nrFeatureTreshold <0, Use threshold for number of features is false. This means, you can control the checkbox via the nrFeatureTreshold variable.

The solution of @ipazin would work as well, of course.



OK, now it’s clear.
Thank you everybody!

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