Missing Rule Engine

Hello all,

For some reason, I added the following settings to knime.ini.

Then Rule Engine Node ceased from Node Repository.And the following error occurred in the existing workflow.
ERROR : ModalContext : LoadWorkflowRunnable :  :  :     Status: Error: Node "Rule Engine" not available from extension "KNIME Core" (provided by "KNIME GmbH, Konstanz, Germany"; plugin "org.knime.jsnippets" is installed)

The above error occurs only in the case of [KNIME Analytics Platform + all free extensions for Windows (installer)].
On the other hand, the above error doesn't occur in the case of [KNIME Analytics Platform for Windows (installer)].

Please let me know possible causes of the above error.


 If the node works without the property then it's obvious that it has something to do with settings this property. However, this isn't something we support.

Thank you for answering. I understood that you can not support.