Missing shapefile extension Knime 3.5?

i'm using Knime 3.5.1 on Windows 10x64 and on debian linux, and i've installed all community and labs extensions from update sites, but i can't find the extension for shapefiles (https://www.knime.com/shapefile-extension) i had in previuos releases...
even when i try to load the examples from public server (it tries to automatically download the extensions) i obtain the following error message from log:

Error: Node "Shapefile Polygon Reader" not available (provided by "Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)"; plugin "de.bund.bfr.knime.esri" is not installed)

How can i fix it? Should I add some new software site, or load some file? (how...?)
Could you please give me some suggestions?



It should be available now for 3.5.

Yes it's available now! Thank you very much!