Missing TYPE for PNGImageCell and PNGImageBlobCell?

I am just wandering whether is it intentional that the PNGImageCell and PNGImageBlobCell are missing the usual public TYPE constant (with DataType type)? It is not hard to create my own constant, just I am not sure whether there is a reason why not to do that. I think now I understand, I should use PNGImageContent's TYPE.

Just reading further... ImagePortObject's constructor does not disallow null values, although the toDataCell() method calls a method on the stored value, shouldn't be there a null-check somewhere? (The constructor javadoc does not state that it does not accept null values.)

(MissingCell does not implement ImageContent, so that's not an option there.)

Thanks, gabor

Hi Gabor,

Yes, the TYPE field is defined in PNGImageContent. I also added the null check to the constructor.