Missing Value Counts and its percentage

I have around 90 columns in my data for which I need to get the missing value counts and its percentage as an output?
I am able to get missing value counts from statistics node but how to get its percentage?

Can someone help?

Hi @dkhullar,

first welcome to the forum.

Could you please explain a bit more in detail which percentage you want to calculate. Do you want having it for all columns individual or the overall percentage of missing values?

With statistics you mean the use of the statistic node? If yes you can use the missing values count and total row count for further calculations.


Hi morpeaus
Thanks for the reply,

With statistics node I am able to filter out ‘Counts Of Missing’ for each column in my data, but I also need % for that in the column along with that.

How do I get that?

Hi @dkhullar,
it’s simple math.

[Count of Missing]/[Total Row Count]*100

Use math formula node.


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