Missing value handling if a file exist inside a folder

Hi all,
What I need in this case is if the folder has an excel file then the above missing value should be removed.
If we don’t have an excel file in the folder that’s totally fine if we get a missing value.

Can someone please suggest some logic to do that?


Hello @sathya_159

You can use a ‘Row Filter’ node with: contain wildcard ‘*.xlsx’
and send the result to an ‘Empty Table Switch’


thanks, @gonhaddock can you show one example for this!!

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This is the idea…
20211026_handling_missing.knwf (39.2 KB)

You may have to to Group Loop over ‘Form No’

Thanks again @gonhaddock for your solutions :slight_smile, I will revert back in a few hours once I have checked the results since it’s very late here. Thanks a lot!

Just in case… please find the group loop implemented
20211026_handling_missing_v2.knwf (56.7 KB)

Thanks @gonhaddock .

Can you suggest ideas on this if possible please.

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