Missing Value Node - boolean value - suggestion


I am trying to replace all the missing values of a boolean column with a fixed value (false), but it seems that the Missing Value node does not allow to set a fixed value for these type of column.
I would like to suggest adding this feature to the node, as it is posible for other data types.


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Hi @bromera

As a workaround you can use the Rule Engine node with the following configuration

MISSING $booleanColumn$ => FALSE
$booleanColumn$ => $booleanColumn$
NOT $booleanColumn$ => $booleanColumn$

See: missing_value_boolean.knwf (3.3 KB)

Hi @oole,

Yeah, I used the “Rule Engine” node in a similar way. I actually had to do the same for 3 boolean columns, so I had to use 3 Rule Engine nodes, I just thought that it would be really convenient if the “fixed value” option were available in the “Missing value” node, as I would have been able to do everything at once.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I see the downside and am glad that it worked out for you anyway.

Thanks for your valuable feedback @bromera!

Hi, any news on this? Are there any plans to add a “fixed value” option for booleans in the Missing Value node?

Hello @HendrikE,

fixed value is available for Boolean columns in Missing Value node from version 4.2.0.