Missing Value produces irrelevant Warning

The Missing Value node produces warning if a column the node IS NOT configured to handle contains missing value after the node is executed.

I understand the node might be expected to eliminate all empty cells in the table but I still believe it is not the matter in any case. I personally often use the node to fix empty cells in some but not all columns of the table whereas empty cells are OK or even desired in other columns. In such situations the node generates warnings that are not relevant for my workflow.

I’d prefer the way node would warn if there remains a missing value in a column the node was explicitly or implicitly configured to be aware of and it would ignore missing values in other columns.

Thank you.


Hi @jan_lender, I’ve filed a feature request that allows toggling those warnings. Will keep you posted on any development.


Hi Marten,

Thank you.

As a workaround that could help, we can split the table using the Column Splitter node witch enables us to work just with columns we intend to handle missing values in. We can get all columns back together using the Column Appender node.

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