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Along with saying hello and wishing you a great weekend, I present the following problem
I have four fields called FEC_PAGO_DIVIDENDO, FEC_MIGRACION_HACIA_FLEXCUBE, MTO_INTERES_PENAL and MTO_INTERES_PENAL_PAGADO, which have missing values. What I need is for the nulls to be converted to 0 for the fields MTO_INTERES_PENAL and MTO_INTERES_PENAL_PAGADO.

I have occupied the missing values node trying to transform the null fields to 0, for the fields MTO_INTERES_PENAL and MTO_INTERES_PENAL_PAGADO that are of type number without success.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Screen print is attached for understanding

What is the result of the Missing Value node?

The expected result for the fields MTO_INTERES_PENAL and MTO_INTERES_PENAL_PAGADO is that where it is null it is replaced by a zero

I’d like to know what happened when you used the Missing Value node.

It would be easier if you uploaded the data and the workflow so that we could take a look.

Link is attached

@elsamuel I share the workflow with you on OneDrive according to instructions.

I can’t access that file. It would be easier if you uploaded the workflow to the forum either directly or using a link from your KNIME Hub account.

I try to upload it to the knime hub platform, without success as my workflow is over 11gb and the platform supports only 5mb.

I share file by onedrive to see if you can download it now.

Hello @elsamuel, I shared the file with you again on onedrive, since the platform does not allow me to upload them due to the weight that exceeds one gigabyte

@Pedro87, you don’t need to include all the data with the workflow. A subset would suffice, and would help you satisfy the upload size limit.

Use the RULES ENGINE. I just used this to do something similar.

MISSING $column with the nulls$ => $column you want to replace data from$
TRUE=>$column with the nulls$

Set the node to replace $column with the nulls$

Or this is another option…

MISSING $column with the nulls$ => 0
TRUE=>$column with the nulls$

set the column to replace the $column with the nulls$

Hello @elsamuel and @dphipps here I am attaching a workflow with some cases.

When occupying the missing value node, I only need it to transform the null values of the fields MTO_INTERES_PENAL and MTO_INTERES_PENAL_PAGADO into zeros.
KNIME_project.knwf (33.3 KB)

greetings and good week

The workflow you uploaded seems to be functioning fine on my end.

This is the output from the CSV reader:

This is the output from the Missing Value node.

I didn’t make any changes to the workflow.

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Thank you very much @elsamuel for the support.

The RULES ENGINE does this. Replaces values in a field and also can create a new field.

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