I have a csv file which contain Mix format data(Having both number and string values).While using File reader,Book2.xlsx (8.7 KB)
Missing value is coming now as mentioned below.So i cant try any node like number to string(Basically I want these field as string).Is there any way to provide the format in advance?

Hi @sahil786,

after previewing your data in File Reader you can click on any of the column headers to change the column property.

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Hi Andrew_steel,

Thanku…But still I cant find the value of missing data after executing the file reader node(Although on clicking the column i can see the missing value pattern)

Hi @sahil786,

could you please upload your mix-format.csv. Your uploaded file is in excel-format.

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Sorry It is not allowing me to attach a CSV file,Tried to zip it and upload,It also does not work.
Only below formats are allowed.
((select images or files from your device (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, knar, knwf, xls, tiff, tif, xlsx, txt, log, lsm, doc, docx, json, xml, pptx))

It would be really helpful If u can convert the XLS file to CSV and use it :unamused:

Are there quotes around the numbers or around the words TOTAL?

No…If You dont mind ,Can i drop the file to your email id?

You could send it in txt-format. Change the extension.

Mix_format.txt (34 Bytes)

Please find it,but getting the same missing value in file reader.

Hi @sahil786,

this is your result with strings TOTAL and XYZ as missing value pattern and numbers as strings (Type: string)

Bildschirmfoto von 2020-09-07 21-17-23

and this is your result without missing value pattern and all entries as strings (Type: string)

Bildschirmfoto von 2020-09-07 21-18-10

Which of them do you need?

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second one,How can i achieve it??

Hi @sahil786,

Bildschirmfoto von 2020-09-07 21-24-36

for every column with numbers and strings.

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My Bad…Thanku so much @Andrew_Steel

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