Mixed integer optimization in KNIME

Hi, colleagues!

In Alteryx they have tool for optimization problems:

Does KNIME have an optimization tool?

I know that KNIME have Parameter Optimization Loop Start:

But it is quite limited in functionality, for example doesn’t have non-linear constraints.

Hi @sha367 and welcome to the forum.

You might also try out the Multiobjective nodes, which are part of the KNIME Optimization extension. There’s an example workflow demonstrating them on the KNIME Hub here:


Thank you for response!

The capabilities of this node are very limited and there is not enough documentation. Are there any other ways to do linear optimization in KNIME (at least the level of Solver in Excel)?

Apart from the options listed already, another way to approach this would be to do a bit of coding via the Python Snippet or R Snippet.

Here’s a short Medium article discussing the former, if you’re not opposed to that approach:

The nice thing about using a snippet in KNIME is that once you’ve tested a bit, you can wrap your node(s) inside a component for easy resuability, and it effectively acts like a “custom node”.

All that said, this is definitely an area we’re looking at for future development. You’re certainly not the first to ask! :slight_smile:

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