model reader error (execute failed: illegal char <:>)

Model reader will execute when the path is the local path (top of image), but when I execute from the Absolute URL I get an illegal character error (bottom of image). The *.model is the same, only the path is differently pointed (although, technically, the path should be the same).

File this under more weirdness with file readers since upgrading to 4.3.0 (see: CSV Reader Issue: "not a regular file" - #11 by scapuzzi)


For the sake of completeness, the error manifests with some differences using the CSV Reader. The same file example.csv executes in the CSV reader and file reader in using the local path (top), but does not execute in the absolute with CSV reader, but does execute in the absolute. (bottom images). My KNIME workspace is pathed to OneDrive.

Some specs.

My Windows specs are
Edition: Windows 10 Enterprise
Version: 1709
OS Build: 16299.2166

My OneDrive specs are
Version: OneDrive 2020
OS Build: 20.114.0607.0002


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