MonetDB (Database Reader Node) SQL statements execution

We are trying to execute SQL statement using the Database Reader Node, but we got such an error:

ERROR Database Reader      0:25       SQL Exception reading Object of type "2005": Operation getCharacterStream() currently not supported - all further errors are suppressed and reported on debug level only
ERROR Database Reader      0:25       Execute failed: Cell at index 1 is null!

We are using MonetDB and drivers from here -
Database Connector Node works properly


it seems that reading CLOB columns (type 2005) are not supported by the JDBC driver as you can see in this bug report.



Yes, I see. Thanks a lot.

I'd be very greatful if you share your opinion about the way of avoiding this problem. If there is such a way, of course


you can try to convert the type of the probelmatic column from CLOB to VARCHAR or try to use a string function this might also change the returned data type. As long as the database reports CLOB as column type it can not be read via jdbc.