MongoDB Reader - problems with Query and Projection


I have gone to Jongo guide for help but I am not getting what I want. Plus, finding it infuriating that the Query and Projection window is so small I have to scroll, it's like sending a text message on an old Nokia mobile phone from the 1990s :)

My query I'm trying is:

datawarehouse.find("{object_class: 'Goods & Services Transaction'}")

The name of my collection is datawarehouse

The query is supposed to return all records where object_class has the value of "Goods & Services Transaction"

Then there projectection - how do I state "all of it"? I want all the values and the array which exists in each document. It would also be useful to understand what a projection would look like if I only wanted two values which are not in the array: customer_name and transaction_ref.

The MongoDB I am connecting to is an mLab environment.

I am not entirely seeing the similarity of Jongo documentation and this node - in Jongo, you can add the query projection and sorting all in one line whereas it is split up here and I cannot see what I'm doing :)

Thanks for your help in advance

Here is what I've added in full. Please let me know where I've gone wrong. Thanks

Field Content
Quey datawarehouse.find("{object_class: 'Goods & Services Transaction'}")
Projection {object_class : 1, object_category : 1}
Sorting {object_category : 1}



I'm not sure whether I got you right: You want all key-value-pairs from all documents that match your filter, right? I guess then you don't need to enter anything into the projection field. This should give you the expectet information. Hope that helps.