More details for warning messages

Tiny improvement request:

I have this large workflow that reads from a CSV file and spits out a detailed report. During the development of the workflow, when I run it, the Knime console shows the following message:

WARN      GroupBy                            1 invalid aggregation column(s) found

Unfortunately it does not tell me in which node and there is no 'yellow triangle' on any of the group-by nodes,  so I need to go through each and every one of the group by nodes to find it, not a trivial task, since the workflow has several metanodes, some within other metanodes.

(I found the culprit, and removed the aggregation column.)

So if any of the developers are reading this: it would be nice if the warning message contained more information on the node it is warning about.


This is on the list of feature requests for the next release. It's not as easy as it might seem though...