More keyboard shortcuts for Knime?


normally its just some geeeky IT-guys who care about keyboard bindings. But actually several biologists and biochemists in our lab complained about missing keyboard shortcuts in Knime.

Imho Knime shoul be improved here to provide at least:

- shortcuts to open the output-tables (eg. meta-1,2,3,...)

- shortcuts to open the views (e.g. ALT-1,2,3 or simpy space as there's in most cases just 1 view)

- close the configuration dialogs (eg. via ESC)

- open the configure dialog (eg. via ENTER)

-maye: close config and execute node (meta+ENTER)

What do you think?

But maybe I jussed missed some hidden keyboard bindings which are already present and would do the trick.

Thanks, Holger

Good morning Holger,

good timing - we have just started to work on the upcoming fall release, which will focus (in addition to cool new nodes) on usability aspects. And shortcuts are, of course, very high on the list of features there...

Cheers, Michael

Hi Holger,
Thanks for your feedback. Just wanted to follow up on this. Until now (3.6.1) there are a few of these already working:

  • shortcuts to open the output-tables: SHIFT+F6 will open the first outport table (nothing for the next tables yet)
  • shortcuts to open the views: F10 will open the first outport view (nothing for the next views yet)
  • open the configure dialog: F6 will open the dialog
  • close config and execute: CTRL+ENTER will do that

You are right there are still some missing shortcuts and we are working on introducing more and making them work across all OS’s.

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Hi Johannes,

thanks for your kind response. It’s been an amazing while since I filed the request and used Knime more regularly, but it’s great to hear that the project is still progressing well.

Thanks for your help and support,

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Hello @johannes.schweig ,

is it possible pass the keyboard input to a component in the workflow through a
special node.


What about using the widget nodes to configure your components? Is this the “keyboard input” you mentioned?

Hello @Daniel_Weikert ,

I thought of that, but the component or… the Open View can not be
controlled or I couldn’t get it to work.