more values when I make a JOIN

Hello, i have one problem I need to do a join to bring a column from another table and append it to the original one that I have


It should be the same data of the first base, but when I do the join this happens

You haven’t really given us many details to work with.

  • What kind of join are you doing?
  • What column(s) are you joining on?
  • Are adequately specifying the join conditions so that there are no duplicate matches?
  • Have you identified any patterns in which rows are being duplicated?

What about the rest of the questions I asked?

I’ll also add the following:

You say that you want the same data as the first table, but your screenshot shows that you’re using a full outer join. What is the logic behind this? The result of an outer join is matched rows as well as unmatched rows from both tables.


Hello and I was able to solve it, thank you very much, I had to join all of them, I think there is an easier way, however I don’t know how to explain

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