More versatile colouring needed - Enhancement Request

The current colour manager in KNIME is quite limited, only allowing rows to be coloured to the left of the RowID column on condition of one particular column value.

For a future enhancement, please can it be made possible to define colours in each individual cell, and have that cell coloured so you can see it in the interactive table viewers. The conditions to define the cell colour should be able to be set by a Column condition (i.e. If Column A is <200 then green, 200-500 is yellow, >500 is red for example), or alternativaly by a Row condition (as above but applied to Row1 for example). This would be much more versatile, and in particular if this can then be exported with the colours intact.



Hi Simon!

If you want to set the color by conditions, you can use the binner or a clustering to group your attributes and transform them into nominal attributes (for example cluster number...). then you can apply your color due to that clusters/classes.

Knime works with combining different wrapped transformations together not by doing everything with one node.

hope I could help you a bit. If you like post your email adress here and i'll send you an example workflow

I recently created a node "outlier factor" which colors the result (numeric attribute) not only by the range from minimal to maximal value, but with 2 values you can set from where on a color is applied.If you can programm your own node the color handling lets you do a lot of things.


Thanks for the offer of assistance. Feel free to email me at home at or at work at . I would really appreciate seeing an example workflow of what you have achieved. Unfortunately my programming skills are not so good, the last time I did programming was 10-15 years ago using AmigaBasic (oh dear I hear you say!), Java and C++ programming has passed me by I'm afraid.

Thanks, Simon.