Morphological Operations

Hi all,


I am stuck again with a problem and wanted to ask for some advice.


I have bin images like this one:


And I want to be those (red marked) boarders as clear as possible. They should be idealy white lines:


So I'm playing around with Morphologial Image Operations but I don't get it right. Or should I try something totaly different?

Any help would be great.



Hi Florian,

this is a tough one. I think what you should do is use a Hough-Transform to find the rectangles in the images (e.g.see This functionality is not available as a KNIME node yet. However, pretty soon we will release a new version of KNIME Image Processing which allows you to reach out to Python or write java scripts in an ImageJ2 Scripting Node. I'm sure this will help you alot.






Thank you and looking forward for the new update :)