Moving Aggregation Range


I’m trying to use Moving Aggregation node, with window type “Backward” e “Range” aggregation and the results are equal except in signal, in my source (excel) there are positive and negative results.

There is any parameters to give me the rigth result using the same node?

It looks like you have incorrect starting point or your data already aggregated and do not need more aggregation.


I’m sharing more days results (day 1 to 4 in a month). The formula is excel is the difference between the row1 and row0 from other columns, until the last row… absolute values are equal, the only difference is the signal…

If there isn’t a way to give the same result, which alternatives are recommended? Loop over rows? Python script?

I may be wrong but recommend you use List function instead of Range.

I’ve found a way after search a little more for similar problems here in the community and using Lag Column + Math Formula over a Loop solves my problem.

Thanks all.

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Hi @fmendes,

seems to me your solution requires some amount of Lag Column and Math Formula nodes… Can you maybe share workflow example for me to check? Maybe there is different way to handle this or there is way for improvement :wink:


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