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I am trying to calculate an moving average cumulative, but I could not find the result that I am looking for. What I am trying to do is a moving average for the last 8 weeks cumulative until week 52 like in the below table.

I already have real information so I would like to calculate moving average of last 8 week starting from week 26 to week 52

Have you already taken a look at the moving aggregation node?

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Yes, but there are two things that I don´t know how to do it in the node.

  1. How to set that window length is 8 because when I select cumulative computation I can´t edit window length
  2. How to define that cumulative computation should be done until week 52.

you could use the node twice first for the MA then to accumulate.
2. maybe slicing your data by a loop to ensure that.

I’ve already tried but it didn’t work

First mean works well but the second one (cumulative doesn’t work because is mean of the previous mean) so just there is missing how to make a mean cumulative untill week 52


Cumulative means that you do not define a number of weeks but just take all preceeding rows.

If you want the past 8 rows choose backward and 8.

I would than combine the 2 columns into one. With the column combine

Yes I’ve already done and it worked but there is a thing missing. I have to calculate cumulative mean untill week 52 and now I only have information untill week 27 so what I have to do is how to set up future missing weeks. like in this example

Yellow fields are calculated cumulative using previous mean

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