Moving Average for Only Most Recent Date

I am currently using the moving average node to calculate the moving averages for each row in my dataset. Is there a way to only calculate the most recent date’s moving average? Performing it on the whole dataset takes quite some time when I don’t really need it.

Hi @bballboy8 and welcome back to KNIME Community,

You can use the Date&Time-based Row Filter node to select rows within your desired date and time window.


I still need the other rows in order to calculate the moving average though.

Excuse me, I think I cannot get it. You need to calculate the moving average of all the rows AND you do not want to calculate the moving average of rows other than recent date? What do you mean?

I only need to calculate the moving average of the most recent date, but in order to do this, I need the other rows to perform the necessary calculations.

So what is your issue then?

Hi there @bballboy8,

I guess you have a big window length? Some example could help though :wink:


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